Game Time: Friday,May 22, 8:00PM EST

$20 Donation - Game 1 - $50➡️ Anyway bingo and Game 2 - $250 ➡️Coverall bingo ***Please note do not clear your bingo card after the Game 1 winner is announced. We will be continuing to complete Game 2 immediately after the winner for Game 1 has been confirmed.

Family & Friends proceeds from this game will support local charitable organizations to include gifting members and businesses in our community that have been displaced due to the COVID-19 Virus.

1. You must be 18 years or older to play
2. Cash App is required to send donations $DestiniProductions
‼️Donations must include the following in the comments: Full name and contact number‼️
3. All donations must be submitted via Cash App on or before 6:00pm EST on the night of the game.
4. Our Marketing department will send an electronic bingo card that you must pull up prior to calling the game line.
5. The Game line is 605-475-4700 conf code 1055982# *Conference line will fill fast so if you have any issues getting in please hang up and try again.
6. All phone lines will be muted after roll call which will happen promptly at 8:05PM and the official game time is 8:15PM *Please do not wait to dial in the conference line. We will be open each night by 8:00PM. The only exception will be to announce bingo. To announce you will hit *6 on your phone key pad. Any issues with unmuting please dial our emergency line 704-559-9316
7. In the rare occasion there are multiple bingo winners the winning Incentive will be split between the winners.
8. All bingo cards will be texted to you after we receive your donation. (Text messages will come between 6:30PM - 7:30PM) All cards will come via a link that you must click and download prior to dialing into the game line. ‼️Some phone carriers will not allow you to access the link while on the conference call!
9. This is a family and friends Bingo game so please do not share this information on any social media platforms. You are free to invite other F/F but please send them this entire disclaimer via text.
10. This Bingo game is for fun and entertainment purposes only. Destini Productions or any of our admins assumes no responsibilities for any losses that might be incurred. We are not running a Gambling Anyone with a gambling addiction please seek help via the National Gambling Hotline 1-800-522-4700.

Thank you,
Admin Team